2022 KICDC



It was established in August 2010 to promote the development of Korean modern dance through international exchanges, to raise the status of artists, and to raise rights.

Every year, many dancers from more than 10 countries around the world participate, and the competition category is divided into Pre-junior, Junior, and Senior categories.

Through this, excellent dancers who can advance into the world are selected.


By discovering dance talents who will carry the future of dance, we are laying the groundwork for systematically nurturing them.

Since 2017, we have been sharing various infra of local festivals through collaboration with Cheonan Cultural Foundation.

The place of this project will be moved from Seoul to Cheonan to contribute to the revitalization of culture and the equalization of opportunities for artistic participation in the community.

In addition, through this competition, not only dancers but also prominent dancers and planners from around the world participated in the competition, and they became more equipped with manpower for more abundant planning contents in Domestic.

Thanks to this growth, this project has been added to the list of arts personnel recognition competition recognized by the Korea Military Manpower Administration from 2015.



As the International Competition for the world's most advanced contemporary dancers, this is the prominent and unique competition in the world that specializes in contemporary dance. It aims to promote international development of the contemporary dance and to provide opportunities for the harmony, assembly and exchange of arts and culture.


● Name Change

From Korea International Modern Dance Competition

to Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition